For the last two years, proprietor and veteran Tahoe head Jeff Pensiero has been bugging me to drag the crew up to Baldface (AKA The House that Craig Built) for a session of BC’s best. I’ve gotten countless jpegs of A-grade pow shots, huge fish caught by the lake’s shore, and the rugged freedom of living past the end of the road. Always too busy with the mag, we’d pass. But not this year. This year we did it up, invited our readers with us and gave away a spot. And I gotta concur with Wibby best vacation of my life. I’ve been on a lucky 14 heli trips, countless cat ops, and endless days on the hill and this place is something unique. That’s all I can really say. Just go there. Doing this again next year for sure. Subscribe and get the invite and get a chance to win. You can, just ask Patrick O’Neill from Vail our 2006 Golden Ticket winner, he shredded for free. Highlights: Dropping into pristine pow bowls without a track, amazing meals but not stupid “foodie” bullshit, a west facing view of the Valhalla Range from our private cabin every morning, partying with great friends and staff, watching Pensiero poison himself and others with absinthe. All this and The Holy Smoke? CHECK OUT THE PICS.


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