Absinthe Films “More” premier and Scott Sullivan performance

This time of year gets me amped to ride. The air is getting colder, leaves are turning color, days are getting shorter and shred movie premiers are in full effect. I wait with anticipation like a ten year-old at Christmas. This was the first season after many, where I have not ruined the surprise by seeing every new snowboard film at ASR, where I’d seen the teaser for Absinthe Films new project, titled “More” and I was blown away. I almost went to the regular world premier at the La Paloma theatre in Encinitas, but I held off as I saw that the tour was coming through my home town of Bellingham, WA – AKA Mt Baker AKA the Venice Beach of snowboarding. I was pumped. A movie premier in Bellingham is a pretty big deal, especially when you bring in big guns like Travis Rice, MFM and Kurt Wastell. That is the equivalent of Paris Hilton walking down the street in our little seafaring town. It was rad that our little microcosm was considered by the Absinthe crew as a worthy venue to show their film, and we thank them for stopping by. Let’s face it, our chill spot is the best kept secret and the guys at Absinthe films know this, as they have been here to film many times for many different films at Mt Baker. So back to my anticipation, anyhoo I knew the show did not open until 7:30, but I was their for my tickets at 5:30, not open yet, 6:00 – not open yet, 6:30 – still not open yet, and 7:00 – open. Killer, I was ready. The premier was held at the Mount Baker theater, a historic piece of property with the décor of an Academy Awards setting — a huge venue for a movie premier and a perfect one at that. By the time the place filled, it was like a family reunion of sorts from generations of different shred dawgs from the area. The familiar and positive sounds of high fives slappin’, chakas being called out, and laughter were heard through out the theatre. The show opened up with Scott Sullivan and Matt Remine’s band playing which was great, solid rock and a solid crowd to cheer them on. Once the band wrapped up the stars of the show arrived on stage, MFM, Wastell, T. Rice, and Absinthe founder, Justin Hostynek. They got the crowd stoked and then they hit play. The opening montages of pillow lines and face shots sat well with the local Mt Baker audience as this is a real as it gets for them. The place lit up, and the Absinthe crew would later attest, it was one of their highest-energy shows to date. Fans watched their favorite riders kill everything that lay in their path, and when MFM, Wastell, and Rice’s sections came on, they definitely got a roar of stoke from the crowd. There was not a dull moment in the movie, not even the couple making out in front of us it was a blast. Once the movie ended, the anticipated product toss began — the regular stickers, t’s, socks and of course a snowboard. It wasn’t any old snowboard toss, you has to work for it, and Justin Hostynek had a plan: everyone had to lay on their backs, arms to the sides and lift their feet 6 inches off the ground and hold steady as long as they could. I estimate around 75 people were on stage competing for the Lib T Rice model up for grabs. It seemed like this took forever, guys were dropping like flies, but alas a winner survived, stoked to the gill. Once this was over MFM got behind the turntables and spun for a bit. All of the regulars retired to the Calaloo for some drinks and just mellow good times, Western Washington style. The Absinthe crew joined us and may have closed the place down. It was a great night, worth the anticipation for me. All the new gear is on the shelves, boards are waxed, pack is packed, peeps have new batteries, and DVD player is loaded with shred flicks from past to present to get my stoke going. Chad Perrin
Aka: The Falken Editors note: frequency TSJ was able to score an exclusive and amazing interview with Mark Frank Montoya in the morning. Look for this soon-to-be-historical feature in an upcoming issue.


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