Closing Weekend at Baker: Sun, Rain, and the Death of Chair 1

Mt Baker, WA – The sun finally came out at Mt. Baker this Saturday for a quick blast of spring riding just before the lifts stopped spinning. The Funny Feelings crew got out for some fair weather turns on Saturday and a rainstorm Sunday afternoon, which sent Baker’s patrons home soaked and smiling-a wet end to an otherwise pow-friendly late season. After 4pm a few die hards threw up a tarp and fired up the barbeque in the White Salmon parking lot while sled lugers raced through banked turns above the upper lodge, braving the storm to keep the dream alive for a few final moments.

This weekend also saw the demise of Chair 1, which had already been dismantled by Saturday, the cable hanging slack and close enough to touch from snow level in the chute. Baker’s last double chair will be replaced by a fixed grip quad next season to meet growing numbers of skiers and address safety concerns. Chair 1 did go out with a bang, however. Revenues from auctions and shirt sales have raised over $24,000 for the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center, ensuring that backcountry enthusiasts stay updated on weather and snow conditions in the Cascades and beyond.

Although the lifts are closed there is still ample snow with over 200 inches at pan dome, meaning that those willing to earn their turns can keep on shredding well into the forthcoming (we hope) long, sunny days of summer.

Thanks to Mt Baker’s staff and ski patrol for keeping things in motion through another deep winter. See you on the bootpack in June-or the new quad chair in November.


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