Spacecraft All-Star Sticker Release Party

Big public parties that have a friends and family type of a vibe are my favorite. In a time when so many things are going amiss in the world, it’s great to experience a positive, fun event. The Spacecraft All-Star Sticker Release Party had Seattleites coming out from all over to share in good music, art, stickers, posters, photos, video’s, slideshows, bunny sightings and a preview of Frequency TSJ’s Photo Book.

The event went down at evo. On the upper mezzanine, Spacecraft set up with collectable art pieces resting on light boxes, posters and oversized graphics on the wall, and the new sticker sheets spread out along a big bench. Downstairs was open for storytelling, poster creation, dancing and consumption of carbonated beverages supplied by Pyramid.

The All-Star Sticker Sheet is a showcase of inspiring humans, who leap buildings in a single bound and discover unicorns in unexplored galaxies. The images collected are not necessarily part of the Spacecraft team, but a group of individuals that continue to push the boundaries within our culture.

We would like to thank all of the photographers that contribute their craft and the “All-Stars” that support the sticker sheet. This is a not for profit project. Revenue created from any sales will support children going to school in Bali.

One of these inspiring humans, DJ Masa was present entertaining us with his DJ skills. His sweet music filled the air all night and kept party goers rollin’. Another friend of the family, Patrick Lennox Wright was conducting his famous photo booth. The background was hand screened by Spacecraft, featuring who we hope to be the next President, Obama. Be sure to check the Spacecraft Gallery for all the photo’s from Pat and other contributors.

As the night continued, Ryan Davis and Duffy put on a clinic of hand pulled posters. A crowd quickly gathered to see how the process is done. When all was said and done, 20 one of a kind poster where completed.

Thanks to everyone who came down to partake and share the love.

Check the video.


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