Baldface Delivers for Freq Week

Nelson, BC – As per our usual rabid expectations, Baldface did not disappoint once again. After surviving the Great Tim Horton’s debacle (see previous blog), all Freq’s ascended upon The House That Craig Built for an amazing communion of powder and relaxation.

With the departing of friends Stian and Christine from Norway (off to Mt. Baker), Mary and Dave from NYC, Maxx, Dave W., Bondo, Matt, and a few others, the Skull Candy crew along with campfire legend Luke Edgar and shred pioneer Rick Alden rolled up deep with a significant crew and gratis electronic doo-dads for each cat. The fireworks and phenomenal food seemed to elicit the best from the snow gods and many, many cms continued to stack up. Guide Joel and tail gunner Karla took all to the goods, with a trip to the North Side for day three and long pow sessions down Blair’s Scare, Cheeky Monkey and other classics for day four. Capita’s Johan M. and Milo’s Benny Pelegrino continued to kill it softly with their crew of longtime bros from Utah, Tahoe and beyond, adopting fellow freq Graham from Portland, as their personal long-haired savior.

With storms swinging in from the coast in full effect, the turns kept coming with a ferocity usually associated with January. While John Laing follow cammed the action, Matt Wibby did extensive product testing on his Banana Hammock, Jessie Carlson cut it up with style, grace and skills that left the three skiers on the crew competing to be her “buddy”, and even our old cranky publisher managed a few, clean surf turns down the rad. With a few minor emergencies, Dr. Lanning Andrews and Dr. Martin Watterson were able to keep all intact and health centered thanks a ton you guys.

It’s hard to put the experience into words to hear the guys from Utah, and new freqs fumble over words trying to describe Baldface and all that it has to offer, is coming close to understanding. Staring out over a gazillon hectare tenure, peaks stretching to the horizon and knowing that for the next 1000 vertical feet, no one is going to poach you, no ropes will cut you off, and that each turn will be as amazing as the last, is to begin to understand.

Watch for dates for 2010 and Freq Week V, and don’t miss this continued event. Craig approved.

A big ups and special thanks to Jeff Pensiero and crew: Dem, Lanny, Karla, Dave, Jamie, Stella, Joel, Ty, Liz, Christine, Marina, Tammy, Homey J, Homey A, Kristy, Jess, Belinda and everyone else involved. Thanks much.

Photos: Dave Thomas


01 Jeff Galbraith

02 Nick Bond


03 Martin Watterson


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