Tailgate Alaska Rolls Into Town

Valdez, AK – My friend and fellow media maniac Mark Sullivan from Mountain Ops was kind enough to send us this dispatch and images from his Valdez Tailgate Alaska event, hosted with another friend from back-in-the-way-back Nick Perata. For any that need a quick tutorial, Nick Perata, along with Tom Burt, Shawn Farmer, Jim Zellers, Sean Dog Brownell, Bruce Griggs, Tex Devenport, Doug Coombs and a host of others, basically pioneered the idea of backcountry heli-shredding in AK. The Tailgate event seems like a cool deal and we wish them great riding and success in their efforts to draw attention to the continued evasion of damages by Exxon with regards to the ten-year anniversary of the Prince William Sound spill.

Get it all gentlemen.

“We got into Anchorage after a short delay in our flight. Unfortunately, we got in after the rental car places closed and decided to spend the night in the Anchorage airport. On the way to Valdez we saw some amazing mountains.

Tomorrow we set up for Tailgate Alaska. We kick things off with a party Friday night at the Totem in spectacular downtown Valdez, starting at 9pm.

So far no ash – and puking a few inches an hour.”

– Mark Sullivan



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