The Almost Legendary Baked Slalom

The weekend started off Friday with a nice, cold 30-pack of Busch, sunny skies, and a handful of skaters in attendance. After several road shots of hot pow, the 10 of us helped almost legendary snow skater and park creator Brendon shovel, rake and sculpt the 10 main features of the terrain park. Talk of a winter storm warning was brewing and everyone was a little skeptical about the road even opening on Saturday.

At 9 a.m. Saturday morning the road was open and conditions were less than perfect with snow, wind and fog. The contest consisted of a 1 hour park jam with a half-hour final for the best six. Snow skaters from Canada to California blasted huge airs, grinded corrugated pipe and sessioned a volcano tire jib. When it was all said and done, Tedly Amell won the first prize of a brand new Lib Tech snow skate prototype with c2 power Banana (rocker between the feet and camber under both feet). Second place went to Jake Tomlinson and holding down third at 52 years young was Rob Skala. The evening was topped off with a skate session at Ridge Loc, Jeff “Hendo” Henderson’s ramp.

Then came Sunday, the season ender which proved to be a bender. Blue skies and seven inches of fresh. The day started with a free riding powder-snarf feast as thirty-ish snow skaters did several road shots down Hurricane’s east facing bowl called Sunrise. The actual contest kicked off around noon with a Chinese downhill powder race down the southwest facing bowl better known as Poma Face. Jordan Armstrong straight shotted the face and plowed his way to victory, followed by Jake, then Spicoli. Being a local I have to laugh…no one knew it was going to be a half-hour hike out. Next came the Almost Legendary Baked Slalom. With a squirrelly run through the trees it was all about holding on and making it down clean. In the most gnarly section, race fans posted up, poured mimosas and pounded brews to say the least. Every time someone fell, the motley crew attacked with an artillery of snowballs forcing some racers to quit the race and join the party. The contest ended with a series of best tricks, prizes and a raffle. Many laughs, and much stoke went down at this contest and proved to be a great season wrap up at The Ridge.

Many thanks to the whole Hurricane Ridge staff, especially Steve, Craig and Frank at North By Northwest surf shop, Brendan and girl, Fitz, Ethan, Pete and Mike at Lib Tech, and the whole group that helped make this event a success.

Oh yeah – FOR THE RECORD: IT IS LEGAL TO CONSUME ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN A NATIONAL PARK. It’s hard to beat a beer in the mountains.


Almost Legendary Baked Slalom

1 Jake Tomlinson 27.88
2 Clark Hurlbut 28.13
3 Jeff Henderson 30.32
4 Alan Gerlach 31.75
5 Ted Amell 32.66
6 Spicoli 33.00
7 Jordon 33.07
8 Stanford 33.35
9 Dustin 34.59
10Brendon 34.88
11 Shag 35.62
12 Ed 35.88
13 Tomoki 38.34
14 Matt 40.71
15 Aaron 41.40
16 Red 41.40
17 Dane 44.25
18 Randy 44.91
19 Chris 47.03
20 Fitz 48.41
21 Ben 49.50
22 Pete S. 50.12
23 Brian 100.97
24 Jam 107.62
25 Kai 107.72
26 Peter V.D. 109.62
27 Grant 159.60

Powder Downhill
Jordon Armstrong

Saturday’s Snow Skate Jam

1 Ted Amell
2 Jake Tomlinson
3 Rob Skala

See more pix and check for a video at Lib Tech soon.



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