Getting the Goods at Tailgate Alaska

Above: This is what it is all about. Wide open, few to no tracks and an unlimited canvas. Here Dennis Nazari takes his Powder Surfer for a spin.


Nick was tempted to mount up his 190cm Summit board for the pow. That is the original board that Steve Link made for Nick to ride in AK in the early 90s.


Sledding up here offers unbelievable access to unreal mountains. We did a bunch of laps up Nicks and were rewarded with 3 foot deep powder.


Nick takes a slash down low on his namesake. The experience puts resort riding to shame. With nearly 4000′ of powder blanketed vertical, snowmobiles offer access to more terrain than any resort in North America.


To really get the goods, or if you have an unlimited budget, heli is the way to go. You get more laps and ride more vertical, but it comes at a price.


Using a heli is the only way to reach some of the big mountains. One night we got a late bump up to Diamond, one of the crown jewels of the Chugach. This is the tallest peak in any direction, begging us to take in the view for a few nervous minutes.


Looking back up at the run we just did – Gun Barrels on Diamond. These runs are 3000′ chutes that spill out onto the glacier after a small bergstrom. Then another 3000′ run to the bottom. This is why we come up here and this time the Chugach delivered, big time.


After, the crew hung out for a few cold Alaskan Ambers.


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