Resolute is Parked in Icy Bay — Time to Climb St. Elias

Day 20: Yakutat to Icy Bay
April 24, 2009
Made our last run up to Icy Bay to end Phase 1 of our expedition — Phase 2 will be climbing the mountain. Along the way, we encountered whales just 30 feet from the boat.
Upon reaching Icy Bay, we had a hazy first peep of Mt. St. Elias through the clouds. Les Hartly of Alsek Air flew over and hailed us on the VHF radio, and having learned of our intentions, informed us that he would be our “angel in the sky” waiting on stand-by. We were put in contact with Les through Michelle Kissler, a biologist studying the elusive Kittltz bird in Icy Bay. We were put in contact with her through Sara, whom we randomly met in Juneau at the Juneau Folk Festival. This is how Alaska works. We also finally met George and Jill, whom Steve had previously contacted. In a rally of support, George has offered to keep a watchful eye on our beloved Resolute and assisting us to our landing spot in the uncharted region of the upper Taan Fjord.


Day 21: Recon of Taan Fjord in Icy Bay
April 25, 2009
We spent the day weaving through icebergs and thick, treacherous pack-ice while on a recon mission for a landing spot in the upper Taan Fjord. Determining that the glacier terminus was unapproachable because of enormous ice falls, we decided on an alternate approach up and over Hoof Hill to get on the Tyndall Glacier.

Day 22: Preparation and Rest Day in Icy Bay
April 26, 2009
We spent the day packing for the climb ahead. Dave ran around the boat frantically pulling his hair and speaking in strange tongue. “For he hath forgotten his climbing skins!” Oooops! We loaded George’s landing craft with tons of gear and a sh*tload of food. We are ready start the climb of Mt. St. Elias tomorrow.


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