You Wax? Spring Comes to Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain, WA – You Wax?

April 8th, 2009

Hey Spring.

I don’t know, man, but it’s not that cool of you to be here right now. The warm winds are giving me sinus pressure, which makes things blurrier, more than normal, but I can still see and feel you, destroying what I waited through the last spring and summer and fall for. Again.

Yesterday Matt Edgers and I built a jump in the south backcountry of Crystal Mountain, one of the only resorts in Washington still in full operation. Their base is stacked high, and if you look in the shadows, there are still some pockets of good snow to be had.

Sky Risvold was along for the hike, boot packing much of the path and running circles up the ridge overlooking the windlip we manufactured into a park hit, his lines creating snowballs that grew to cartoonish proportions. The snow was good enough to land a few tricks, and we hit the jump until 7pm.

Inbounds, my girlfriend reported fun groomers with lots of side hits and no lines.

April 9th, 2009

A bit of fog today only saw the sun for a few minutes. The snow is still soft, even in the down light. I hear it is supposed to freeze up tonight though, with a bit of precip to come, so, a reload maybe?

Don’t listen to the birds.

They will change you.

Let it Storm!



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