Chunder Struck in the Northwest

Forecasts had said that it had dumped nearly 2 feet up at around 5000 feet. We assembled the crew of PMAC, Nick Ennen, and Gary Milton to see what the snow was like up there. We were in store for a chundery surprise! Indeed it had snowed two feet, but as soon as the sun hit the ground, the recipe for mashed potatoes was unveiled. In one day we had sun, snow, rain, sleet, and fog. Typical Washington style. We did however, manage to build a jump, and hit it a couple times, but for the most part it was an alpine picnic, and high mark competition. Here are some pics from our 2 days up at the crick!

IMG_2376.jpgIMG_2387.jpgChunder struck!IMG_2393.jpgIMG_2389.jpg


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