Closing Days, but far from over!


Tyrel Thornton savoring the last pipe hits for the season.

The last weekend at any resort is always a fun time especially if it’s your local spot. This year’s last weekend at Big Sky was no exception. From watching skiers get slammed in the pond skim, to girls sporting beach wear on boards, to friends doing both dumb but hilarious acts and killing it riding a slushy park. These things stoke me out most about the springtime ritual. Really I think what makes it so fun is that after a winter of busy and not always coinciding schedules, friends all show up to put everything else away for a few days and just have fun being snowboarders. So here are a few images of my last weekend.

Borat at Big Sky?

Borat at Big Sky?


Dan Darling switch back 180, 50/50.


The double stage step down pond was good for creating some serious aqua tomahawks!


Who needs to go to the beach now?


Tyrel Thornton front five.


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