Sesh Up 2009

The Sesh Up is my favorite event of the year: no entry fee, no lottery, no divisions, no tour buses; tons of sun, beer, girls, and a bigger jump than Mt. Baker has ever built for their snowboard park.

Sesh Up history dates back many years when guys like Drew Cyr, Brad Andrew, Tarek Husevold, Jonathan Martens, and a whole slew of other shreds would get together at the end of the season, build up the legendary Grandma’s step-up jump (see any Think Thank movie for reference), and throw down all day long under the heat of the spring sun. Things ended up getting a little out of hand one season, resulting in many tickets issued by local forest rangers, and the gathering sort of faded in size and popularity for the next few years.

Back in full force, this event gets bigger and better every year. Without any sort of organizing committee, a date is decided, the word is passed, and amazingly enough a crew assembles a day ahead to build a massive jump with the only incentive of being able to hit it before the hordes arrive the next day.


Ross Buchanan

This year, like years past, saw a slew of up and comers from around Washington throwing down alongside local legends. Matt Edgars was probably going eight feet higher and 20 feet further than anyone else every hit. Ross Buchanan wowed the crowd with a slew of tricks, including coming very close to stomping a double cork. Too many back rodeos were thrown, but that is to be expected at Baker. YKWII was there in full force. Older Sound Strait guys like Tarek where sessioning with the younger Andy Bergin-Sperry. I especially want to give props to Bart Patituchi who probably hit the jump 25 times and still considered it a “lazy” day. Beats blared from speakers at the base. Hironaka did a seven on skis. Monument snowboards provided some liquid courage and raffled off a board. People crashed. Peopled partied.

Thanks to everyone that showed up. See you next season.

Photos: Kevan Lisowski


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