SIXELEVEN Films LaunchesTeasers

From the desk of Steven Waters:

“The teaser for our new video will be uploaded soon. We have started an online blog for SixEleven that will have all the teasers, updates etc. on it. Also, for the summer we have started a new series entitled “Light Em Up” where we travel to different skate spots with a select few skaters and light them up at night using different and visually appealing lighting effects, motion, cinematography, and editing techniques. The teaser for that series is now up and the first episode will be uploaded later this month with many more short webisodes to follow. Please check out the blog at www.sixelevenproductions.blogspot.com and give any and all feedback. It’s greatly appreciated. I hope everyone had a great season and is enjoying the summertime.”

Check out the double tree tap teaser…


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