Donnkie and Gunther Memorial Skate/Music Fest

Beginning with an auction and concert at Boundary Bay Brewing Co., and featuring Sugar Sugar Sugar, Ladies of the Night, and The All Nighters, and following up Sat. night at the now-revived Nightlight with The Trucks, Guiness and the Reperations, A Gun that Shoots Knives, The Daffodils, and Go Slopoke. Auction items included customized Lib Tech decks with Donnkie’s own artwork, along with Volcom, Mt. Baker Ski Area, frequency TSJ, Spacecraft and Mt. Baker Snowboard Shop specialty items, successfully raising needed funds towards expenses incurred by the family in the search efforts.

The NW community came together solidly for the evening events and in full force for Sunday’s skate picnic at the Puget Street skate park and the tunes of DJ Moonboots. With the sun shining only as it can on a July day in Washington, multi generations of skaters and their families came together to pay tribute to two great friends. Ample heads including legends Jeff Fulton, Rob Skala, and Randy Hansen were on hand with Skala providing decades-rich style lessons in the deep end punk Boy Scout steez. Fulton continues to defy time with fastplants and crooked grinds at a time the rest of his generation is scouting out AARP benefits. Lib Tech’s Matt Edgers took grass ride routes and pushed out frontside tailslides on the tight hits. Freq’s own John Laing was on site holding it down as was Spacecraft’s Sarah O’Brien. With Donnkie and Gunther’s family members in attendance, and a hundred plus friends and fans, this was a fitting end to to fitting celebration.

Ride on Donkenatrix… your legacy is rich.



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