Think Thank Sneak Peek at Hood

Mt. Hood, OR (July 18, 2009) – Is it “premier season” already? Well, if you were lucky enough to go to Mt. Hood this past week, it is!

On Saturday and Sunday, July 18 and 19th campers at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windell’s Academy were treated to a sneak peak at Think-Thank’s newest film, “Cool Story”. What could be better than riding HCSC’s lap park in the morning, cruising to Windell’s to spectate in the “Next Top Pro Model” contest, and finishing off the day with 600 of your closest camper buddies watching what may be the funnest movie of the year? Nothing legal in the lower 48 states to be sure.

Think Thank

Because the film has not officially been released and there may be a few minor tweaks, a full review will happen at a later date, but let me just say that that the first “Director’s Cut” is Burtner’s best snowboarding film to date. Bars have been raised with the Think-Thank roster delivering pure shred fun along with a unique story line and soundtrack to back it all up. With a recession-proof style of snowboarding and making a snowboard film, “Cool Story” proves that there’s so much more to ride and talent abounds in unlikely locales.

Mt. Hood is the perfect venue to show such a film and I’m now left with an itch to shred that can’t be scratched for another 4 months.

Thanks to HCSC for the jumps, Windell’s for the stunts, Pika for the Lodging, and Think-Thank for the inspiration, “Premier Season” has begun.

Photo Credits:

Aaron Blatt – High Cascade Snowboard Camp


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