Absinthe’s “Neverland” Comes to Seattle

Seattle, WA (September 18, 2009) –

“The exodus is here/
The happy ones are near/
Let’s get together/
Before we get much older…”

Fall is in the air; the kids are going back to school; and snowboard premier season is in full swing. With Absinthe Films’ new release “Neverland” rolling through Seattle’s Egyptian Theater last night, it was time to take part in the festivities. Blogs/group-shot.jpg

The film wasn’t slated to screen until 930, which was later bumped to 10, meaning there was plenty of time to enjoy some happy hour libations and get warmed up for the show. Linda’s pub was packed with Seattle shred-heads and a lineup a block long filed into a nearly sold-out theater. When the film started rolling, people started screaming—it kind of felt more like a rock show than a movie premier. And when the first chords were struck for The Who’s “Baba O Reilly”, I even think I saw some lighters waving in the air.

A few highlights, in no particular order:

– Romain de Marchi is back, DCP and Solberg never left

– Terje makes an appearance

– Gigi Ruf sees the mountain in a totally different way from any other snowboarder alive

– Travis Rice rides a white stallion

– Neon’s out—American flags are in

– Wolle Nyvelt rides a snowsurfer better than most people who are strapped in

– Bode Merrill comes out of nowhere with the closing segment

As for the rest, you’ll have to see for yourself. Winter’s coming; get ready.


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