Sno Con Party and Lobby Lounging at The King Cat

At the risk of dating myself: hazy memories of upstairs sessions at the OG Sno Con location on S. Main with Dan-o Donnelly, Farmer, Perata, Jim Hale, Cameron, and others is at the heart of some of my fondest recollections of early NW snow culture. This and watching Logic go utterly nuts after an evening of Inkepei (look it up).

At any rate, in an age when a lot of shredboarding’s events have become sucky when it comes to non-shred clowns running the show, wack-ass sponsorship, and extreme hosts, it is entrirely refreshing to walk into a space that has truly evolved. That is to say, gone are the days of fragrant sessions with The Fiz, but the vibe that has replaced is entirely genuine and a testament to what can be, with attention and love. I haven’t met all the new shop kids, but I also know that they have as much stoke as anyone who has ever come through the program. My hat is off to John, Lisa, Adam and crew.

Immediately upon entering, I spotted and shaka-ed fellow chrome domer Peter Saari, as well as Mervin heads Annette Veilhelman, Tim Stanford AKA Stan-Tech, G. Trevor Phillips AKA T-Nutz, bro Kyle Phillips and shred extraordinaires Eric Jackson and Mark Landvik. Senior Editor John Laing was holding it down along with Baker grad student Patrick McCarthy, and of course Mr. Logic himself with trademark ‘stache, was there to greet with ice cold goodness. Madam from the Mouse Channel, Mary Fenton managed to snap and invariably beat me to the blog scene, and it was an all-around homeschool good time.

After young Pavo Saari made it clear to dad it was time for pizza, we all rolled next door before taking it down to outer Belltown and the King Kat Theater for Standard Film’s Black Magic. Or at least to the lobby, where more shakas were exchanged with Pat Lennox, Nathan Lind, Lucas Debari, Matt Shredgers, and Blair Habenicht fresh from Chile.

Had to roll the pumpkin home before midnight, after which I become visible to cops.

Whatevs; they’ll send the DVD. And I want to check slomo on the gnar that Lando throws down.

Congrats and big thumbs up to the likes Lib, the Logics and the Hatchett’s (Standard Films, for those who just showed up to class), proving that staying legit and staying with it is still a viable approach.


Peter Saari, Bananas to the People! photo Stantech


E Jack and JG: fishingfishingfishingblahblahblah. Photo Annette Veilhelmann


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