4th Annual Downtown Throwdown

Seattle, WA — With many pre-shred season events based around sales, ski swaps and catching a multitude of new films, the 4th annual Downtown Throwdown rolled into Occidental Park in the heart of Downtown Seattle. For those not familiar with the zone, think a one acre version of NYC’s central park, except concrete instead of grass and complete with strange characters, street corner business people, totem poles and sightseers. This was a very fitting setting as with the current dirtball steeze at times, “it was hard to tell who was a snowboarder and who was homeless” (Eric Newgard, K2).


When I arrived at the contest, I knew that TDDT was going to be a good one, but this show surpassed my expectations…Snowboy Productions, Lib Tech, Think Thank, Snowboard Connection and Ride Washington, Quiksilver and Pyramid Brewery went all out to put on a killer contest that brought mountain shred stoke to the urban setting–and handed out fittingly simple cardboard checks to the winners. You know it’s a good one when grown adults are fighting from swag in the product toss. Winter is on the way.

First Place: Nick Visconti

Second: Forrest Bailey

Third: Scott Stevens

Fourth: Johnny Lazz

Fifth: Ben Bogart

Best Trick: Jason Robinson

Photos: Matt Vaagsland


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