Spring Days in Chile

Santiago, Chile (October 1, 2009) — With life in fast-foward or what could be considered rewind, the cycle of moving from winter to fall to summer to spring has been my reality. The best part is I get little pieces of winter tucked in here and there while not at Mt. Baker for what I consider my winter.

I am operating on the other side of the spectrum, with a no shirt job in Idaho and a white collar job in Santiago, I have to work a little harder for the turns. Especially when the temp can reach 70 degrees on the mountain this time of year. But with the help of some Pisco and friends in the Snowboard Park at El Colorado I managed to get some air and improve a hurting core score.

With a lot of late snow forecasted for this week and and Chile’s biggest freeride contest coming up in Pucon it should be a really good time for me and the rest of Chile. More to come, but for now adios.

– Luke Strong-Cvetich

Luke Strong-Cvetich

Photos: Nico Harasic


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