Wildcard Premier Goes Off in Bellingham

Bellingham, WA (October 9, 2009) – If you follow this blog, you’ve probably seen the teasers for How The Northwest Was One. And a few of you might have even seen the movie down in Seattle last weekend. But when Wildcard Productions brought their film through The Wild Buffalo in downtown Bellingham last night, it felt a bit like they were bringing it back home.

The line out front was a block long at 9pm and soon the Buffalo was packed to capacity. From The Airwolf to Edgers, Debari and beyond, it would be too hard to list all the heads in attendance, but let’s just say if you dropped a bomb on the venue last night, the northwest snowboard scene wouldn’t really exist anymore.

CrewA few warm up beverages and the film was on the big screen by 10:30. With Wildcard Productions formed by a conglomerate of previously independent northwest filmmakers, the pooling of talent—both in front of the lens and behind it—made for one of the better snowboard films to come out of this neck of the woods in recent memory. Cliffs, pow, jibs, booters, double backs, double corks, double drops, it was all done with style in the familiar locales of Mount Baker, Steven’s Pass, the North Cascades and beyond.

When the film wrapped up, a dance party ensued with Project Lionheart taking the stage, filmer Andy Walbon dropping his crutches and doing the one-leg shuffle, and karaoke going off at the nearby Cabin Tavern.

Thanks go out to Jeremy Dubs, Kurt Jenson and the rest of the crew. Winter’s officially on the way here in the Northwest.

Photos: Josh Becker.


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