Snow-ward Bound

As each day passes, I get closer to being completely submersed in my winter wonderland fantasy. The long hours photographing scared and violently shaking teacup Chihuahuas, and elderly women’s dogs with wretched enough gas to make my eyes water are starting to seem less painful. I sit and dream of the complete freedom a vast expanse of fresh snow and clean mountain air will deliver as I try not to lose sanity at my current position of Dog Photographer at Petcos along the California coast on weekends. While chasing runaway Shih Tzu’s through the aisles and wrestling drooling, bleeding eighty pound Labradors onto my backdrop. It is a necessary reality to see how rough it could be, which reminds me how lucky I am to be a snowboarder. And selling photos to women well-doused in patchouli while their 10-pound French bulldog star-kisses my pant leg is a quick reminder. But on the plus side, the job has given me opportunity to spend time with my lovely lady friend who is studying in Cali, while saving up some money to allow me another winter of freedom.

With my truck kitted for long nights and long drives, and no fixed address I am starting to wonder if maybe Gypsies know something the rest of the home body world is missing out on. So soon I will venture out into this winter-vagabond lifestyle to see just how far I can stretch a few dollars to turn them into face shots, priceless times with friends, and unknown adventure. To say I am frothing is a wee bit of an understatement. Given the very good early season snowfalls I have been hearing all about, and currently being trapped in a big box. I may just blow a little early and lose it on the hike during my first day out. Hopefully not though, ha-ha.

So what’s the point of all of this? Let’s just say I really cannot wait to see you all out on the slopes. Until then, if you are lucky enough, go board!

Photo: Jess Genter momentarily lost in his own winter wonder.


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