Double Corks and Celebrities

The Grand Prix stop in Park City was the final contest in deciding the 2010 Olympic team. The level of riding was really up there with double corks and airs pushing 20 feet. The weather was challenging at times, but the Park City crew kept things running smoothly. When the snow settled and numbers were counted the top three men were Shaun White, Scotty Lago, and Luke Mitrani with Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, and Kaitlyn Farrington taking the women’s top three. The riding going on in men’s professional pipe these days is mind boggling, having never seen Shaun White ride prior to this I find myself starting to understand what the hype is all about. The kid stands out in a crowd of amazing riders. Shaun is not the only exceptional rider though; the power riding coming from Scotty Lago, the amplitude from Greg Bretz, and the smooth style from Elijah Teter are all ingredients fueling the fire.

This year we will see Shaun White, Scotty Lago, Louie Vito, Greg Bretz, Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Elena Hight, and Hannah Teter competing for half pipe gold in Whistler. All mixed opinions about snowboarding and the Olympics aside, the riding will be worth watching. If the opportunity presents itself, take some of it in person because it is amazing. Coming from someone who spends a majority of their shred time far away from any crowds, or major events the half pipe contest frenzy is a side of snowboarding that should make any dedicated shred proud to hold a board and ready to cheer on their fellow boarders. Oh, and it is really nice when they hold these contests at night so we can ride powder all day then go check them out when the sun sets. With something like 50 inches of fresh snow all week leading up to the event, there was plenty of soft landings for anyone!


Shaun White.


Andy Finch.


Elijah Teter.


Jack Mitrani.


Elijah Teter.


Scotty Lago.


Womens top three.


Mens top three.


Many were showing strong support for Kevin Pierce.grand-prix_-blog-6/IMG_3178.jpg

Some of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic team.


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