freuquency TSJ Issue #7.4: The Photobook

Mt. Baker, WA (January 8, 2010) – From Snowbird, Utah to Avoriaz, France, El Niño is serving up deep turns for snowboarders around the globe. So what better time to drop our first issue of the new decade, frequency TSJ Issue #7.4—the 2010 PhotoBook—featuring the work of Scott Sullivan, Eric Bergeri, Ashley Barker, Johnny McCormack and Jeff Hawe.

Representing four countries, three continents and two hemispheres, this year’s selection of photographers is as diverse as the winterscapes upon which we ride. Barker is a technical tactician who works with artificial light to create her vision, while Sullivan and Hawe prefer to take a more documentarian approach. Bergeri and McCormack both spend the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere, migrating the world over in search of new places, people and powder. But they all share a common bond through snowboarding—through traveling the world and capturing their dreams to share with you.

Indeed, the fourth frequency PhotoBook takes the viewer from remote Himalayan villages to the suburbs of Minneapolis and the hidden gems of New Zealand’s Southern Alps via snowboarding’s greatest images.

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