30 Seconds of Transformation in the BC Coast Range

Ah, a moment of silence. The roar of the Bell 212 had trailed off. The only sounds were a few human voices that I was doing my best to ignore. Otherwise the solitude of the mountains on a blue bird day was providing silence. I only had a few seconds to take in the grand scale and complexity of British Columbia’s Coast Mountain range. I was standing close to its spine on a mountain top located right on the border of TS’YL-OS Provincial Park near the Bridge Glacier. A very cool place. My few seconds alone came as Lee, my fellow guide, led the group away. I stood in silence. I got my moment of transformation that I was looking for.

I love the Coast Range. The Coast Range is such a vast place. It has it all: rain forests and fjords in the west, ice fields blanket its core, and deserts are the norm on its eastern flanks. For the most part, access is tough and expensive, but worth every effort. The Coast Range is a mecca. Every snowboarder out there should aspire to have an adventure there. Snowboard mountaineering trips are endless. I can’t wait.


Zones like this are a dime a dozen in the southern Coast Range and are totally off the hook. If you plan it right, they are easily sled accessible. You can also fly in and set up base camps. Then put the skins on and send.


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