The 7th Holy Oly Revival Returns to Hyak This Saturday, February 20th

Summit at Snoqualmie, WA (February 15, 2010)

THe Holy Oly’s moving back to Hyak for its seventh annual edition under the giant beer can. Years past have always been entertaining–this one should be no no different, and there’s even a new addition alongside the oversized QP. See you there this Saturday for what JG once called “the greatest thing since Olympia bottle cap picture-puzzles.”

The official word from Krush and crew:

“The Summit at Snoqualmie and Lib Technologies are damn pleased to bring you the remedy to your Olympic hangover…The Holy Oly Revival on Saturday, February 20th at Summit East/Hyak.

IOC judges? Nope. Rolling Stone covers for the winners? Nope. Matching uniforms? Nope. Bob Costas? Nope. Big-Ass QP with a bunch of peeps shredding and chowing down Cobra Dogs? Oh Yeah!

The Holy Oly Revival has built itself into the biggest anti-contest in North America with a continued focus on what makes snowboarding rad…friends, progression and a 40 foot tall beer can…while taking away the aspects of contests that tend to suck…judging, structure and The Man.

“The concept of the Holy Oly from the beginning has been to have a gathering of like-minded snowboarders come together to celebrate the past, present and future of NW snowboarding.” So says event creator Krush Kulesza.

“And bananas!” chimes in Pete Saari from Lib Tech.

This year’s event returns home to the Summit East base area a year after the area suffered a year ending mudslide that still has the area closed to the public. This being the case it gives the riders and spectators their own private “Zone of Radness” featuring a 25’ tall by 60’ wide quarterpipe and the introduces “Tube City” for all your jib-oriented needs.

“An amazing zone built just for me and all my friends…and I didn’t have to learn double-corks to get it!” Lib Tech and Summit Rider, Think Thank’er and official Holy Oly emcee Jesse Burtner.

Rider/Sponsor/Media registration will be at the Main Lodge at Summit East from 10AM – Noon. The event will start sometime around Noon and end sometime after that.

Awards will be in the Main Lodge following the event and the Red Bull after-party featuring Sweet Water will be at the Timberwolf Pub at Summit West starting at 7PM.

Any questions regarding riders, media or obscure 80’s trivia please contact Krush Kulesza at krush@summiti90.com …word.”

Show up, go bananas on the quarterpipe, eat some cobra dogs, drink some Oly’s. THis one’s a guarenteed good time.


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