Asymbol Gallery Opening in Whistler

Whistler, BC (April 22, 2010) – As the Grenade Games start to gain momentum and The World Ski and Snowboard Festival hits full swing in Whistler, BC, festival attendees were treated to the second opening of Asymbol’s traveling gallery at the Blake Jorgenson gallery.

John Laing and Bryan IguchiMike Parillo, Bryan Iguchi, and Jamie Lynn were all in attendance to show a collection of their works and others. From the surreal water shots of Trent Mitchell, to Tim Zimmerman’s iconic images, Parillo’s favorite works and Jamie’s simplistic compositions, the show included a diverse array of sideways-themed—or maybe sideways-inspired—prints from original works that showed the true quality of what Asymbol is doing: bringing together the iconic artists of our culture and making it available to snowsports connoisseurs worldwide.

The gallery was packed wall to wall and it got warm as, in typical snowboard industry fashion, the bar ran out of glasses, and, eventually, vodka, before the crew moved on to see Dead Prez’s political hip hop diatribe downstairs at Garf’s. If you are in Whistler, I highly suggest checking out the show—the quality of the reproductions is stunning, and it’s near impossible to tell the reproductions from the original works. And if you can’t make it, check out Asymbol online–it’s worth your time.


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