Grenade Games Moguls 2010: Everybody Wins, If They Have a Beer

Whistler, BC (April 22, 2010) – “Everybody wins as long as you got a beer!”

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I heard this from the Dingo more than once today as he worked the mic at the Grenade Games dual slalom moguls competition. Yes, it was back for another year. Defending champ Myrosha Daley was on hand to race, the sun was shining, the hot dogs barbecuing, and the kokanees flowing as things got underway by Blackcomb’s Glacier Lodge.

Moved to a new, more viewer-friendly venue, Davie’s Dervish, a purpose built bump run looked steep and intimidating during the firm conditions of the morning. But, as the sun baked the bumps and the brews lubricated the crowd, times got faster and faster in a jam-session format. It hardly had the air of a serious competition where a brand new Camaro might just be on the line. Instead, it was more like trying to navigate a few bumps in the middle of party laps with an ever-growing crew of friends from around the world.

Eventually, Dingo started calling tricks, and riders abided. Front flips, back flips, even a few 7s were thrown into the rutted, moguled landing near the bottom of the course, but none as big or clean as Dennis Bannock’s perfectly stomped wildcat as the clock neared two. Mark Sollors attempted to straight line the whole course and ate shit—hard—before rallying back to the top to smash some gates. He didn’t seem so concerned with going around them as much as through them.

And somewhere amidst the chaos, the field was whittled down to four remaining riders: Myrosha, Travis Williams, Dennis Bannock and a rider simply known as Pablo (apparently a one-named wonder, kind of like Prince). In a head to head format, Mr. Pablo took down the competition, as Williams and Daley held down second and third, respectively (“third is the new first,” Daley would later claim.)

Indeed, the dual slalom moguls was exactly what you might have expected from a dual slalom moguls contest held by Danny Kass and co: a booze-fueled party run where someone actually won something—in this case a custom snowboard and a chance at owning a half-ton piece of American-made horsepower. And this is just the beginning: Kandi Coded is playing tonight, half pipe goes tomorrow, followed by the big-money grand finale on Saturday. Fasten your seatbelts…


Grenade Games 6 – Day 3 from monster canada on Vimeo.

Main Image: Dennis Bannock, backy


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