Ask Hardingham: You Have the Floor

There’s only so much space in print for interviews. And after reading Andrew Hardingham and Jonas Guinn’s question and answer in frequency TSJ Issue 8.1, you may be left wondering: Has Hardingham ever been to jail? Or, what’s his favorite color of Jello? Will Thunder Mouth be available on Itunes? Will it feature any snowboarding?

Well, here’s your chance: you have until the end of June to submit your question for Hardingham. You can do so here on the comments page of our blog, via twitter, facebook, or even by emailing your question to submissions@frqncy.com, subject: ‘Ask Hardingham’. At the end of the month, we will pick our favorite user-generated questions and Hardingham will answer them for your reading pleasure.

This will be the first in an ongoing series where we give you the reader a chance to ask the subjects featured in frequency TSJ anything that’s on your mind. Fire away.


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