From Chillan to Cerro Bayo: South American Wanderings with Byron Bagwell

Cerro Bayo, Argentina (September 10, 2010) — Byron Bagwell checks in from his South American wanderings…

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“Some decent snowfall followed with some good old fashioned high pressure and Nevados de Chillan paid off.

Our feet needed some movement so we hopped a few buses to pucon to session their park and hit tando booters for everyone. Pucon is a small, sleepy town with amazing views and fun folk. Oh yea and a giant volcano to play on.

Argentina next.

Yesterday we learned that the snow crystals form differently in the southern hemisphere. They have seven points of crystallization where ours in the northern hemi have but five. This was all in the discussion of avi danger and snow bonding–a good conversations for travelers who spend more time hiking than riding lifts.

We are currently in a town called villa augustura, a small mountain town in Argentina. The people are friendly and the food is amazing. The ski center here is called cerro bayo. This spot is chill to say the least. The ticket office bumps Bootleg Bob Marley…”

End transmission.

All Photos: Justin Kious


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