Early Season In The San Juans

10/26/2010. Velocity Basin near Silverton, CO. Early season rock-boarding is a go. There’s not even close to enough for the local lifts to open, but hey, we had nothing better to do. Might as well get the legs into gear and search out a wind-drifted area. Beats working.



Matty G busting out a Craig Kelly 161 rescued from a bench. Forget what year it’s from; it’s got the three hole pattern, but definitely before the angry tree thing graphic.


It wouldn’t be SWCO without a dog. I’m pretty sure you get handed one at the DMV when you move here.


Matty G dropping the Grassy Knoll (I think?) with the North-facing runs of Silverton Mountain in the background. If you look closely you can see the billboard.


Logan ” 2 Legit” dropping. That’s his wrestling name. Seriously. Google it.


Darned hippies and their dogs. Matty G’s like a modern day Scott Kennett.


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