Mount Baker Opening Day 2010: Generous Party Favors

Mt Baker, WA (November 20, 2010) — Opening day is more than just a chance to strap in and stretch the winter legs. It’s the time of year when all the mountain folks emerge from their summer-of-working-to-fund-another-winter and leave the 9-to-5ers behind to bitch about the cold weather. It’s kind of like a high school reunion that only features the people you liked, and the opportunity to slash a bit of pow and jib some low tide features are the party favors.

As we made our way to Mt Baker’s much-anticipated opener, snow fell at sea level, maybe keeping some of the I-5 traffic at bay. When they began loading lifts at 9am sharp, it was apparent that Baker was serving up generous party favors: cold, knee-deep powder over a shallow-but-consolidated base provided more face shots than core shots, and clearing skies meant the sidecountry was firing on day one. And the usual faces emerged one by one, smiling to welcome another season to the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s to the Mt Baker class of 2011—see you in the lift line early and often.

Class of 2010


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