frequency Approved: Burton Tech Flannel

Growing up in Canada, flannel was almost as omnipresent as the classic “Canadian tuxedo.” From the ski hill to chopping firewood and late nights fireside beer-hosin’, it was a do-it-all, multifunction garment of the highest regard.

Burton’s tech flannel (retail price: $79.95) brings back early memories of learning to run a chainsaw, but with a new slant. It’s fashionable enough for Friday night in the ski town, but it’s also a technical layering garment. Breathable and treated with an anti-microbial finish, it wicks sweat and keeps the stink to a minimum. This means that I can pack light on multi-day road trips and keep it classy enough for a PR dinner while staying warm and dry when layered appropriately with a waterproof-breathable shell (in my case it’s usually something from Burton’s AK line).

Now if only they could transfer this tech to a jean jacket…


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