Dylan Hart Photography Presents: A Mt. Baker Moment

Just south of the Canadian border is a small ski area with a very big reputation. The terrain here is so wild and crazy that people from all over the world flock there to get a taste of the deep snow and steep lines. Many legacies were born in these mountains, and many lives were altered. No matter what, where, how, or why, people will continue to fall in love with this place each and every season.


Let us honor our fallen snow warriors, and remember the risks that exist in the land of makebelieve. A praise for snow and to the dreams it brings to life.


The base has reached over 100 inches and the conditions are starting to allow for some serious hucking and high-speed destruction. The holidays are gone and the slopes are looking a little more inhabitable. Bring an extra pair of goggles and your longest board, because you’ll most likely have to face storms and whiteout conditions. You probably already knew that though…


Amazingly, for the Northwest, the snow is still blower after a week of sun.


Carl, earning his turns in the backcountry.


Carl, Shifty tree bonk.


Forrest Burki, fs Indy into the abyss.


Forrest Burki, backside 360 indy cross-court style. You should see him do this on the dance floor.




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