Spatial Experience – Finding the Hidden Alps: Bedretto, Switzerland

In the inaugural trip of the Spatial Experience project, Swiss freerider Sten Smola and friends journeyed to Switzerland’s Bedretto Valley, adhering to their commitment to public transit and encountering some early weather trepidation.

Determined to stay positive despite lackluster weather conditions, the crew ascended the Swiss hillside and eventually found sunshine and their ultimate goal, deep alpine powder. In Smola’s own words, the crew ended the day of riding with “dinner at the ristorante Airolo and ate tasty Pizzoccheri and Tiramisu, we began to philosophize about the lines we’d liked to ride the next day. At the end, this was not our most spectacular trip, but we had the chance to spot some new and amazing mountains that we will not forget that soon.”

Top image: Buemi enjoying Ticinos finest powder. Rider: Seb Bumann Photo: Patrik Ngu


Left: Sten rushing through the trees. Rider: Sten Smola / Right: Where everything has begun. Photos: Patrik Ngu


Lights by nature. Photo: Patrik Ngu


Left: Yuri doesn’t fear the bushes Rider: Jurek Ruppen / Right: Yuri, Sten and Buemi looking for the ristorante, una birra per favore. Photos: Patrik Ngu


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