TimeLine: Fantastic Lines in Japan with Xavier de le Rue and Lucas Debari

In the latest episode from The North Face and Swatch series TimeLine, Xavier de le Rue and crew, along with Lucas Debari, head to Japan to ride the island’s infamous powder. Battling less-than-stellar weather early in the trip, adapting to the unique terrain, braving a near-collapse in a subzero snow cave, and eventually riding some perfect Pacific pow, the team capture the highs and lows of the recent trip with a dedication to clean visuals. Another great thing about the TimeLine crew is that, in the comments section on their Vimeo page, they share information about the cameras, lenses and post-production software they use to create their films. It’s always nice to see the pros sharing their secrets.

Photo by Tero Repo.

Fantastic Lines in Japan with Lucas Debari & Xavier de le Rue S01E04 TimeLine from TimeLine on Vimeo.


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