The Spatial Experience Project: Finding the Hidden Alps

As environmentally conscious as alpine enthusiast tend to be, we’re often inescapably dependent on fossil fuels to deliver us to our most treasured mountain escapes. That idea, along with the experience of time and distance that gets lost in today’s world of rapid travel, is what inspired Swiss freerider Sten Smola to start his Spatial Experience project. Smola, along with a group of like-minded riders including Jari Salo and Sebi Bumann, decided to seek out the Alps’ hidden gems as sustainably as possible, and to document the journeys.

In his own words, “The Spatial Experience is a project of passionate snowboarders, geographers, artists, photographers and freethinkers who chose to go an alternative way in the age of global rush. A way that makes a discovery tour a real adventure and a way to experience natural borders in its realistic dimensions … we try to generate as little Co2-emissions as possible by using public transportation and our own manpower (hiking). Our goal is not only to ride extreme lines but to get a sustainable experience of space and time and the reflection of our handling with all its effects for our planet. It would be great if we could encourage and inspire some of you with our stories and photos so that you will think about your actions in a differentiated way.”

Check out the Spatial Experience website for more information and check back here as we’ll be keeping up with the project as they embark on future journeys.


Top image: Sten Smola on his way to explore the unknown. Photographer: Ben Stähli

Bottom image: Sten Smola finds some wooded pillows. Photographer: Patrik Ngu


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