Prospect Mountain Cabin Pow: May 3 in Southern Colorado

Being high on the white-stuff from Monday’s Wolf Creek excursion inspired a trip out to my friend Chris Rapp’s cabin out in the wilderness, the peaks of which are visible from the ski area. After permission from the significant others was acquired, we sledded out in the dark of night to the Prospect Mountain Cabin at 11,960 ft and 10 miles SE of the ski area with dreams of early morning pow and escape from civilization.


Early morning sled to watch the sun rise over the Southern San Juans


Obligatory hiking/ line scouting


Cabin owner Chris Rapp in the Spire Chutes.


Matt Degelman getting seconds. I got thirds. Snow photo-ing is stupid sometimes; you carry the heaviest pack, and ride the least. But sometimes you get invited to places you otherwise might not have gotten to go to. Yes, I’m complaining.


If you and your friends have sleds and backcountry travel experience then you too can experience the goods of the often over-looked Southern San Juans that Prospect Mountain Cabin offers. Visit their website for more info, and you didn’t hear it from me, but heli-lifts to the cabin from the Wolf Creek Ski Area might be a possibility…


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