Under Sail to Mt Waddington: An Update from 9,000 Feet and an Injury on the Mountain

You may remember the story in frequency TSJ #8.2 about a group that set sail for Alaska’s Mt St Elias with the goal of climbing and riding 18,000 feet back to the ocean. Well, the same core crew has set sail for BC’s Mt Waddington–the highest peak in BC’s Coast Mountains–to attempt a circumnavigation of the peak, summit, and ride some mind-bending couloirs along the way. Our first correspondence from Captain Steve Hyatt can be found here–and this just in from Dave Ghan:

The group reached the foot of the Waddington Glacier after 47 miles of bushwacking from the boat to an elevation of 9000 feet and set up camp. However, shortly after the climbers and riders split up, Taylor fell into a crevasse while descending an icefall and tweaked his ankle. He cannot walk out so they have called for an airlift, but will have to wait for the weather to clear, as it has been nasty for the last few days. Otherwise, they all feel well. Dave, Steve, Ryan and Adam will stay on the mountain and try to achieve some of their objectives after Taylor is out. This late winter weather pattern means a lot of snow up high–they will need a break in the weather and prolonged high pressure if they hope to reach to peak and ride some of the big couloirs above camp.

Stay tuned…


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