Bonefire Pipe 2 Pipe 2011: Bringing Sketchy Back

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With the most snow upon Mt. Hood in July in the past decade, the14th annual Bonfire Pipe 2 Pipe contest at Windells Snowboard Camp on Sunday, July 10th saw the most expansive course in years. The Pipe 2 Pipe contest may only be a young teenager at 14 years of age, but it stands tall as a veteran in the contest scene–it’s the oldest running summer snow and skate contest in the world. Side by side mini-pipes adorned with various bits of coping and metal provided the venue for contestants to get weird–and made for a lot of near collisions when someone chose the transfer option between the two u-tubes.

One coffee break, a skateshop check-in, four hours of Top-Hit radio, and frequency TSJ was at the spot, cameras a-blazing. Clothing was on the snow as the sun blasted, DJ Matty Mo was on the ones and twos, dogs were smoking on the grill, and the competitors antsy. A side-by-side mini pipe feature scattered with jams, mailboxes, flat bars, corrugated and a wall ride were soon to be at mercy of these hungry shredders.

When it was time to drop in, it was as if the competitors had been locked in a room lined with energy drink fountains. Countless upside-down aerial maneuvers over metal, snow, and people, accompanied by gaps to slides, and just about every spin on spin out combination imaginable were strategically taken into action. The action never slowed down between heats as Gatorade chugging contests, a salt bag race, and never ending hot dogs were to be had. Sawyer Dean’s spin on spin out combinations earned him second place while Kyle Lopiccolo’s multiple hand plants and spinning spine transfers put him on top.

Round two took place at the 55,500 square foot skatepark at the Windells campus. Skaters from all over the Pacific Northwest came to participate—competition was stiff. The large quarterpipe was a contest favorite with just about every hand plant going down, a McTwist, and sketchy above-the-coping airs. Kids were riding their skis down banks, Rion Linderman lost some teeth, and Omar Hassan showed up to slay the transition. In the end Willis Kimbel’s gap from the bowl over the top of unsuspecting spectators and back into the skate park won the contest.

It all ended with a insane amount of product being thrown out to be scrambled for by the audience, a free session to Windells as a secret prize, and a total of 1800 bucks to the victors. Not bad for a mellow summer day.

Thanks for the good times and sun tan Mt. Hood–if we want to put the sketchy back in snowboarding, dual mini-pipes are a step in the right direction.


Ladies AM Snowboard

1. Noelle Edwards

2. Livia Molodyh

3. Karen Kobayashi

Ladies Pro Snowboard

1. Marie Hucal

2. Kelly Underwood

3. Laura Rogoski

Mens AM Snowboard

1. Charlie Mayforth

2. Jeremy Nyland

3. Jake Mayers

Mens Pro Snowboard

1. Kyle Loppicilo ($600)

2. Sawyer Deen ($250)

3. Justin Fronious ($100)

Honorable Mention Snowboard

Spencer Shubert

Spirit Award

Caleb Stockwell (Session 1 at Windells Next Summer)

Industry Snowboard

1. Dustin Anderson

2. (tie) Robbie Sell and Alex Lopez

3. Dave Doman

Women’s Skate

1. Lindsey Lumpkin

2. Ashley Jones

3. Traci Green

Under 15 Skate

1. Jake Selover

2. Kyle Ward

3. Zach Walker

Over 15 Skate

1. Nick Peterson

2. Frank Richardson

3. Jasper Kahn

Pro Skate

1. Willis Kimbel ($500)

2. Danny Tumia ($250)

3. Kevin Kawasaiki ($100)

Best Trick Skate

Rion Linderman for Proper 540 and Teeth Loss


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