“IBK Dayz” by Sane!

“IBK Dayz” is the third full movie from Sane!, showcasing the backcountry, park and streets of Inssbruck, Austria. The film features a plethora of riders with a variety of unique styles: Steve Grumser, René Schnöller, Sebi Müller, Thomas Fimmel, Benno Bauer, Simon Pircher, Alex Bergmann, Denis Leontyev, Max Glatzl, Andreas Gell, Mathias Reif, Maxi Meisberger, David Struber, Stephan Wimmer, Lukas Lengle, Michi Schatz, Johannes Münsch, Philipp Schorp, Benno Postert, Aron Holterman, Thomas Hörhager, Dominik Brunner, Markus Klaes

IBK Dayz from Sane ! on Vimeo.


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