Analogy Part 1: Backcountry Edit

This backcountry edit from Analogy by Austin Gibney shows us what snowboarding is all about – riding pow with friends while taking turns sharing the spotlight in front of the camera. The video has a laid back feel with riders having an even more laid back style. Stay tuned for part 2 of Analogy when the crew hits the streets for some urban jibbing.

Riders: Austin Gibney, Andrew Buergin, Brady Farr, Tom Kelly, Drew Eflin, Kyle Anderson, Mitch Helling, Sean Dumont, Copper Hoffmeister, Brad Sethness, Mary Boddington, Josh Billingings, Brendan Sullivan, Matt Norris

Analogy Part 1 (backcountry) from Austin Gibney on Vimeo.


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