Sub-Urban Boarding with Givin: A Gallery from Bellingham, WA

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Pow days are once again upon us—albeit with a little warmth in the mix as well—but just a couple weeks back, the Pacific Northwest saw an unprecedented cold front that dropped seaside temps to the teens and a foot of snow closed schools from Vancouver, BC, to Olympia, WA. In Bellingham, drivers didn’t know how to react as snow stuck around for a week, and the roads of the City of Subdued Excitement were all but abandoned. The Givin Films crew, including Forrest Burki, Keegan Valaika along with Laura Hadar took to the empty streets for some sub-urban boarding down by the water and proved that urban boarding doesn’t always have to be double-kinkers and thirty stair rails; a brief gallery from the decidedly friendly streets of B-Ham.

Main Image: Forrest Burki.

Photos: Copyright Colin Wiseman 2012.


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