frequency Approved: Superfeet Custom Insoles

Due to an injury, I don’t have full mobility in one ankle. When I was given the thumbs up to shred again, I had a challenge going from toe to heel edge smoothly (aka not sticking my ass out) and I could not handle choppy snow (aka Cascade Concrete). Now, that’s a big problem for someone who loves snowboarding and lives in the PNW. The Superfeet insoles release tension on the joint, provide extra cushioning, and overall greatly improve my riding with regards to edge to edge control and response times. I now have the ability to control my board using my entire foot, and not my behind. Plus, the Outlast integration means my feet are always nice and toasty.

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to have custom insoles created for your snowboard boots and what a huge difference it can make in comfort and performance. I just returned to Superfeet to get my second pair in six years. Jeff Gray, the Director of Education and Training, heated up different corks and molded them to my feet, sized and sanded them to fit my boots, and added elements appropriate to my ankle injury. Not only do they make the boot more comfortable, but also the injury specific customizations make it possible for me to continue snowboarding–an invaluable feature, indeed. It is amazing what a little customized support can do, and it’s easy to take your boots into a certified fitter and get your own.


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