Fire & Brimstone: Backcountry Tow-Ats


Fifteen pounds of rubber, rope and a wakeboard handle; the new addition to my backcountry gear set-up for the new winter season – this is what happens when you try and circumvent the conventional in today’s snowboard industry. Not that I don’t mind lugging around 60+ pounds of weight on my back every time I step out to snowboard, but things are starting to get a bit out of the control when you find yourself hiking miles into untamed wilderness with a Banshee Bungee on your back. With the creative minds of most riders in our sport, you think we could come up with better ideas than flipping 3 times in the air, ski aerialists style and using motor winches to get loads of speed, jumping from building to building. I’m pretty sure I just watched an action movie where actors in leotards were doing these stunts; only they had fiery explosions behind them. I guess though, this could be seen as the price for progression today.



Regardless of the absurd, I still like to do things different on my snowboard from year to year, so I decided to lug a bungee into the backcountry zones where my crew has kept running into problems with speed and flat run-ins, for features that we have been dying to hit for seasons. We finally found a solution though and it’s really simple and quite easy to accomplish with a lot of snow – we are calling it the Backcountry Bungee, so listen up and pay attention if you want to set some new trends.

Just wrap the bungee around an extra board, if you happen to have one lying around and bury it – much like how a boat anchor works. With one end of the bungee securely tied and hunkered down with the board anchor underneath heaps of snow, use as you normally would in any urban setting. Just remember to zip up that jacket, cause this is no city environment. We are talking flat run-ins with deep snow. So the next time your out in the danger zone, keep the bungee in mind. Thanks to this new contraption, with a little effort…or a lot depending on where you are venturing off to, you can now join the new movement of progression; spandex jump suit and fuel-injected motor – sold separately.




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