The Spatial Experience: February in the Freezer

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As we cowered behind our boards at the peak of the Stockji near the Swiss/Italian boarder in order to protect ourselves from massive winds, minus 25 degrees (Celcius) felt more like minus 40. A poor mammoth would have felt the same way during the Ice Age before it dropped dead because of the cold… and before it became some Siberian frozen food. But thanks to the cold temperatures, the snow in the Alps had converted into cup-shaped crystals, which, despite a lack of recent snowfall, felt like fresh powder.

The mountains presented themselves with a fabulous layer of icing sugar. We let the crystals dance magically in the air with every single spray and were shouting with glee as we cruised the western side of the peak bathed in alpenglow. Arriving in the larch forest, we discovered an unexpected pillow drop and stayed a little bit longer in the vicious cold. The sunset jump was worth it.

Back in the Chalet, we were happy to put the first pieces of wood into the fire. Icy toes thaw out, after all, and plum schnapps helps.

Too quickly, rising winds turned the snow into an icy wave and drew an end to the powder-party. Experience shows that the dry spells are very short this winter. And so it was in February. The Arctic flow brought another meter of fresh snow in the eastern Alps. It was quite an easy decision to hop in the next train and get on a long train journey from Valais to Vorarlberg, Austria to visit our Finnish friend Jari Salo. But this, my friends, is another story… check back soon.

Main Image: David Birri.

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