Nike Snowboarding’s “Chapter 3” Bonus Video

Nike Snowboarding teamed up with filmer Justin Hostynek for the latest of the “Chapter” films. Contrasting with the crispness of “Chapter 2,” the bonus video provides shots of the European backcountry, and something that is not often found: an explanation, of how and why “Chapter 3” was made using Super 8 film. The comments and footage of riders like Gigi Ruf, Danny Kass and Nicolas Muller intermingle, and by the end, you understand Hostynek’s desire for a more genuine format.

“I still use this old format of Super 8 because it feels more like a craft, like I’m capturing something…” –Justin Hostynek


The Nike Snowboarding Project – “Chapter 3” Bonus Video from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.


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