Tim Peare’s “Forum Legacy Slideshow HD” A Piece of Snowboarding History

Tim Peare presents his “PEARE Forum Legacy Slideshow HD,” highlighting some of the influential people, places, and events seen throughout the history of Forum. Origionally created for a presentation at Lake Tahoe Digital Photo Institute in South Lake Tahoe in 2012, Peare has since dedicated his series of photos as a permanent piece of snowboarding history after Forum Snowboards closed up shop for good. The three-part slideshow focuses on Peare’s first year at Forum during the making of “Forever,” as well as portraits and lifestyles of the many people who crossed Peare’s path and with whom he had the pleasure of working with. Part Three – the closing segment – is a series of the photographer’s personal favorites; photos that ask us to take a moment and reflect on the fleeting nature of the moment.

PEARE Forum Legacy Slideshow HD from Tim Peare on Vimeo.


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