LegitFilms’ “Untouched”: Slovenian Sessions

Filmed, edited and produced by Slovenian company LegitFilms, “Untouched” is a new project that captures the creative potential for snowboarders and skiers in backcountry environments. The locations found in the film—Chile, Bosnia and Kosovo, for example—proved to have beautiful landscapes that allowed riders Domen Bizjak, Matevž Pristavec, Matevž Maček, and skier Bine Žalohar bring their competition-proven talent to a canvas of natural features. Also present in the film are friends Luka Jeromel, Stefan Gimpl, Thomas Feurstein, Tadej Valentan, Mitja Kodrič, Žiga Erlač, Žiga Rakovec, Luka Podlogar, Dejan Hodžič, Andraž Šparovec, Matti Imbert, Luka Krajnik, Andrej Marinčič, Uroš Podbevšek, Jan Maček and Marko Grilc, who was featured in frequency TSJ #9.2.

The Untouched project from LegitFilms on Vimeo.


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