From Straight Lines To Triple Corks – “Episode One: The History of Competitive Snowboarding” An Interactive Timeline of Shred

Presented by the World Snowboarding Tour along with Swatch, “Episode One: From Straight Lines to Triple Corks – The History of Competitive Snowboarding” explores one of the many sub cultures of snowboarding, revisiting some of the most glorious moments in snowboarding history. After digging through the archives and dusting off a few hidden treasures, the creators of the 5-part web series began the search for the missing chapters of the story. Gathering footage from partners all over the world, the creation is a video that combines years of hard work and hours spent in the editing room with a shared passion for the sport of snowboarding. Narrated by the heroes themselves, Episode One takes a behind-the-scenes look at the history of competitive snowboarding; an interactive timeline that urges all of its viewers to get out and start writing the next chapter.


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